Joey Scouts

Joey Scouts

These songs have been collected over the past few years, and are mainly specifically Joey-themed. They are also in this word document that you can download and edit as you like.


(Tune: Frere Jacques)
I am crazy, I am crazy,
I am nuts, I am nuts
Happy little Joey, Happy little Joey
Blip blip blop. blip blip blop.


(Tune: Bingo)
There were some kids who joined a Mob
And now they're Joey Scouts
And now they're Joey Scouts.
Try substituting one letter at a time with a clap, until JOEYS is 5 claps.


(Tune: John Brown's Body)
I've something in my pocket that belongs across my face
I keep it close beside me in a most convenient place
You'd never never guess it though you'd try for quite a while,
So I'll take it out and put it on
"A great big JOEY SMILE".


(Tune: Do Ron Ron)
We go to our meeting on a (Monday) night
We Joey hop, hop, oh we Joey hop.
We say the Law and Promise and we have some fun
We Joey hop, hop, we Joey hop.
Yeah! we have some fun
Yeah! we love to run
And! when we are done,
We Joey hop, hop, we Joey hop.


(Tune: Jingle Bells)
For a game: 1. Use a ping pong ball and pass it around a circle of Joeys.
Everyone else pretends to do the same.
One person in the middle of the circle must identify who has the real ping pong ball.
2. Thread a large bead or practice golf ball (with holes) onto a long piece of string or wool which is long enough to encircle your Joeys. Tie off. Everyone stands holding the string and pretends to be slipping the ball to their neighbour. Proceed as in Version 1.
Little ball pass along, gaily on your way
As we sing our Joey song, you must never stray
Till at last our song is past, we set out to find
In which pair of Joey hands, you've been left behind.


(Tune: Jingle Bells)
Joey Scouts, Joey Scouts, Joeys all are we
Oh what fun and friends we make in our Mob you see
Joey friends, Joey friends, Joeys are the best,
Why not join and have some fun, like us and all the rest.


(Tune: I Like Aeroplane Jelly)
We like Joey Scout Meetings
Joey Scouting's for me
We do things and make things
There's lots there to see
A helpful Joey's the best thing to be
We like Joey Scout Meetings
When it's over we're ready for tea.


(Tune: Twinkle, twinkle)
Joey, Joey, little roo, can I come and play with you?
You are having so much fun,
Now your Scouting life's begun.
Joey, Joey, little roo, can I come and play with you?


Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
Merry, merry king of the bush is he
Laugh, kookaburra, laugh, kookaburra,
Gay your life must be.
Kookaburra sits on the electric wire
Jumping up and down with his pants on fire
Ouch! Kookaburra Ouch! Kookaburra
Fly down from that wire.


(tune: Frere Jacques)
Kookaburra, Kookaburra (flap wings)
Possums too, possums too (swing tail)
Wallabies and wombats, wallabies and wombats (scratch ground)
Kangaroo, kangaroo (paws up and hop)


Formation: sitting in a tight circle, chairs or floor. Verses 1 & 2 good for Joeys.
Oni wani wani waa waa
Oni wani wani waa waa
Ai ai ai yippee ai ai ai
Ai ai ai yippee ai ai ai
Ai ai, Ai ai
Actions: Verse 1: hands on right neighbours knees to start, then you own, then left neighbours knees, back to you, then right, to you, to left, to you etc.
Verse 2. Red Indian style arm movements. Extend R arm in front. Oni= Slap R palm with L hand Wani= bring L hand to R elbow Wan= fold R arm over to L elbow and smoothly on the "i" of "Wani" bring the L hand out and straighten L arm out in front. Ready for repeat of song and reversal of these directions!
Verse 3: (practice in front of a mirror) Both hands hit knees. One hand to touch nose while other hand touches opposite ear. Hands hit knees again and hand do the opposite to previous. Tip: make sure the "nose" hand goes closest to your face and the "ear" hand goes over the top.


Spoken, keep up the rhythm of the words for best effect.
Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee
Cheese and biscuits, cheese and biscuits
Chocolate pudding, chocolate pudding,
Beef and carrots, beef and carrots,
Fish and chips, fish and chips,
Fish and chips, fish and chips,
Soup! Soup!
Tucker train, tucker train, tucker train............(fade)
(An idea to help Joeys remember the sequence of the foods:- cut out pictures of these foods from magazines and stick them onto computer paper as carriages of a train. Draw an engine at the Coffee end and a caboose at the other)


(Tune: B.I.N.G.O.)
There was a time when we got wet
And rainy was the weather
R A I N Y, R A I N Y, R A I N Y
And rainy was the weather.
There was a time when we got hot
And sunny was the weather
S U N N Y, S U N N Y, S U N N Y
And sunny was the weather.
There was a time when we were blown
And windy was the weather
W I N D Y, W I N D Y, W I N D Y
And windy was the weather.
There was a time when we got cold
And snowy was the weather
S N O W Y, S N O W Y, S N O WY
And snowy was the weather.


Tune: This Old Man
We are Joeys, yes we are
Caring, sharing, the best by far
With a smile and a hop, we help a lot,
Our promise not to be forgot!

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