Joey Scouts

Joey Scouts

Joey Scouts

There are a few great sites available for joey leaders to use as resources.
In particular, Hunter & Coastal Region have much useful info, including the following recipes that can be part of your Joey program

  • Joey Scout Butter
  • Edible Christmas Candles
  • Never Fail Fudge
  • Chocolate Spoons
  • No Freeze Ice Cream
  • Marshmallow and Fruit Kebabs
  • Silly Slime
  • Teddies in a Blankey
  • Individual Cup Cakes
  • Quebec Breakfast Oranges
  • Home-made Clay Recipe
  • Making your own Sherbet
  • Easter Chalk just for Fun
  • A to Z Cooking
  • Chocolate Witches
  • Hotdog Roaster
  • Anzac Bread
  • Creepy Crawley Cafe

The Greater Western Sydney Joeys site is also very worthwhile as one of your main resources.

Joe from 1st New Norfolk Scout Group in Tasmania supplied This Joey badgework record chart.

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