Joey Scout Badges

Joey Scouts

The Joey Scout Section doesn't have an award scheme like the other four sections.
Instead they have a participation scheme,
the purpose of which is to include plenty of learning in the program

There are 6 badges that Joeys can earn, they are :-

Caring and Sharing Challenge

A month of special activities is organised to help Joey Scouts understand the concept of caring and sharing in the community.

Buddy Mob Challenge

Joey Scout Mobs visit each other and share activities to help build a rapport between different Mobs and create new friendships.

Environment Challenge
The whole Joey Scout Mob undertakes four simple environment tasks to help develop an appreciation and respect for the natural environment and a sense of responsibility towards it.
Adventure Challenge

This challenge is designed to broaden each Joey Scout's life experiences through visiting places they might not usually visit, such as the beach, zoo, a museum, the bush or a farm.

Promise Challenge

The Promise Challenge is an individual badge designed for the 7 year old Joey Scout. It is the major Challenge for the Joey Scout Section and has individual elements as well as activities to do for the Mob.
A most important part of this challenge (as I understand it) is that the work handed in to the leader is visually the work of the Joey Scout. It should be hand-written by him/her (keeping in mand that spelling and tidiness are not critical for a 7yr old), and not something typed on a computer. Computer generated parts are acceptable if needed.

Hunter & Coastal have a very good pdf overview of the above badges

Link Badge

The link badge is earned by attending for 4-6 weeks at Cubs while still attending Joeys. During this time the Joey will be given an introduction to the way Cubs is run, and also taught several items about Cubs that are the requirements for the badge. After this time, and before moving up to Cubs, the Joey reports back to the Joey Leader and Joey group about what Cubs was like and what they did there. This badge can be earned any time from the age of 7yrs & 6 months, as Joeys can go up to Cubs any time from that age (if they are considered ready by the Joey leader).

Their Service, Our Heritage

This badge is earned by attending events that are a part of ANZAC rememberance. Usually, participation in your local ANZAC memorial march, or attending the Dawn service in Joey Uniform, is enough to qualify. This badge can ONLY be worn for the year it is presented, and MUST be removed form your uniform around the following ANZAC day. Each year the edging colour is different, which means a new badge can be earned each year, in all sections of scouting.


There are a few other badges that a Joey can earn during their time at Joeys, which are not a part of the award scheme, and are usually not worn on the uniform
one example of these is the Jamboree of the Air/ Jamboree of the Internet" (JOTA/JOTI) Badge. JOTA/JOTI is held each year on the 3rd weekend of October.
A visit to a Region or State activity often entitles the attendee to gain a badge as well. Such badges are "BLANKET" badges, and not to be placed on the uniform.

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